animal attacks

Bear Attack! What Everyone Needs to Know to Stay Safe

Bear attacks are rare, extremely rareYou are much more likely to die by a cow than a bear.  But how many people cower when confronted with a steak at a restaurant?  OK bad example.  But people fear bears, wolves, and mountain lions because of the sensational stories on the news.  These animals are scary.  And any story involving an attack by these animals reinforces that fear and gives it legitimacy.

These animal attacks always made the news. Guess what didn’t make the news? The THOUSANDS of families that went outdoors that same night all over the world that were NOT attacked or even saw a dangerous wild animal.
That’s right, for every wild animal attack, there are millions of safe, successful outdoor adventures. That is not an exaggeration.

We address the fear of wild animal attacks with preparation.  There are a number of things you can do to prepare for animal attacks.  And many of them are free or cheap and extremely effective.  Most of them are habits and behaviors that take little practice.

Well, we have all that prep listed for you right here!  So throw out that bad advice you've heard and listen up!

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