design a monster

Design a Monster – Game

Have you ever wanted to create a world and populate it with the most amazing animals your imagination could conjure up?

Even the most die-hard video gamer can relate to fantastic creatures.  Well here is the chance to get your kids creative juices flowing while teaching them AND getting them outside.

In this game, we:

  • Create a creature that can compete and survive a changing world.
  • Experience how natural selection drives body parts formation and behaviors.

 Although we try to be flexible with lessons, this one is MUCH more fun with 4+ kids! And it may seem big so it would be a good candidate for breaking into multiple days. 

Time to Complete

30 minutes prep, 30+ minutes lesson


Adaptation & Natural Selection


Adaptation,  natural selection, fitness, survival of the fittest

Science Standards

NGSS 3-LS4-3

Opposing Views

This lesson deals with natural selection, which is a process of evolution

People disagree on evolution and probably always will.  Whatever your views on the subject, it is a generally accepted scientific theory and is taught in most schools.

Lessons like this at home are the perfect time to talk with your kids about your own opinions and beliefs about evolution, creationism, etc.


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