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diy valentines

DIY Valentines

These spinning little wonders are technically called thaumatropes.  They are optical illusions that have been entertaining people for hundreds of years.  So we are going to make some of our own for Valentine’s Day. The idea is that you draw part of an image on one side of the paper […]

honeybee training

Honey Bee Training [Communication & Cooperation]

Honeybees.  The underrated force that makes the world go round. Bees teach us so much about teamwork, communication, and that being little doesn’t keep you from doing big things.  But to truly learn about the honeybee you have to become one! Honeybee training walks students through the life of a […]

its natural hair art kid activity

It’s Natural! – Natural Materials Hair Art

Uh oh!  Bad hair day?  How about NO hair day? All of these people are suffering from a seriously embarrassing no hair day.  So lets take it outside and help ’em out!  Add any kind of natural materials to these 10 faces to save them from a hair-tastrophy. Easy, fun […]

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