life of a star

Life of a Star – Star Life Cycle Game

Get your rocket boosters ready, we are heading to space! Today we are going through the life cycle of a star.

What we know of stars are the little twinkling ones in the sky or our closest star, the Sun. But there are different kinds of stars in different stages of life all over the universe.


Collect cards as you go through the life cycle. Compare your life cycle cards and complete a chart of a star’s life.

Time to Complete

30+ minutes lesson

Group Size

Best played with a group of 6+

Skills Highlight

Core Concept: Creative, Group
Skill: Pattern Recognition, Teamwork
Compare and contrast the different life paths a star can take and work as a team to recreate the life of a star


  • Star Life Cycle Cards - 1 set per child + 1 extra set
  • Quart sized zippered bags - 1 per “average star”
  • Gallon sized zippered bags - 1 per “massive star”
  • Plastic sandwich bags - 1 per child
  • Socks (single, not pair) - 12 per child

This game can be a little hard to follow because the groups split.  It may make more sense to look at the PDF.

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