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Printable kid calendar for science all year.

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This printable kid calendar is a unique and easy way to add science all year long.

The Color of Science

First, we have a fun coloring page for each each month that goes with the monthly theme.  They are a mix of informative and quirky illustrations, all drawn by our very own Isaac Ashby.  So grab your crayons!

april grid_sm

Simple Experiments

Next we have the calendar pages.  Each has a simple science project or activity to go with the theme for the month.  Most have the directions right on the calendar page but we have extras to go along with the month which can all be found here on our website.

You’ll also notice that that the calendar has no dates. This makes it easier for you to use the calendar year after year or to jump into 12 Months of Science say… in July.  Perfect for teachers and homeschool moms to start a school year.

Plus, it gives the kids practice writing numbers.

owl mask final


Monthly themes:

January – owls

February – acid/base reactions

March – spiders

April – Earth Day

May – plants

June – flight

July – genetics

August – Perseid Meteor Shower

September – rocks

October – leaves

November – World Science Day

December – what birds eat


We have set up the full calendar file so you can print all the pages double sided and have a complete calendar for the year.  Yay!!  Just staple or bind along the top edge of the printed pages.

12 months science calendar example

Or if you prefer to print the pages out month to month, you can do that too.  All the pages are US standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.



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