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Scientific Method Flow Sheet – Teaching Kids to Think Critically

🎶The Scientific Method!  The Scientific Method!🎶 I loved hearing my youngest kids chanting that around the house after watching an episode of Ready Jet, Go!  Because the scientific method is for everyone. Its not just some boring list of steps to check off for a science project.  This is critical thinking at its best. Question.  Theorize.  Analyze.  The perfect solution for all parents who want our kids to think for themselves. I promise you don't have to have a degree in science to teach the scientific method and critical thinking.  The kids will practically do it themselves with their deluge of never ending questions.  Just harness that curiosity power for good and use the scientific method (and this flow sheet) to give them a direction. scientific method_sm Start them out young!  Why wait for high school science class?  This flow sheet can be used right now for kids of all ages in everyday situations. In a bug race, will a ladybug or pill bug be faster? Do the new pea plants grow better in the shade or in the sun? How much water will evaporate from a cup on a hot day? Who knew there could be so much science just in the backyard!  Just download the sheet and get those inquisitive minds moving.

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