spring scavenger hunt

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring has sprung! The flowers, the new green leaves, little sprouts pushing up out of the ground, getting my hands dirty planting… Spring is just lovely all around.

We are lucky enough to have some beautiful spring break weather to enjoy and the kids have been spending all day outside.  But what if some days they do need a little encouragement?  Well that happens too.

To provide a little bit of that spring encouragement, we have the Spring Scavenger Hunt!  This free printable includes all the spring favorites like flower buds, butterflies, and rainbows.  And the best part is you can just hand out the pages and let them go!

These real photos are easy to identify even for my youngest 2 1/2 year old but still fun to find for my 7 year old.  So it has been approved for all ages 🤗

going on a scavenger hunt

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