Hands-on, Flexible STEAM Curriculum

Ready-to-teach lessons and activities that don't require hours of work or a science degree.

Ready to Go Lessons

No more piecing together a science program with duct tape and prayers!  We have the lessons, the science explanations, and activities ready for you to teach your kids.  That gives YOU more time to do all those other parent things.

Built for Kids

  • More Time Outside

    Activities specifically designed to get kids out of the house.  Because learning is better outside.

  • Feed the Curiosity

    You can’t just get science out of a book.  You have to see it, feel it, DO IT!  Hands-on lessons get kids brains moving.

  • Integrated Learning

    Applied activities and challenges encourage kids to connect what they have learned with other STEAM subjects and with everyday life.

Built for You

  • On Your Schedule

    All the lessons and resources are available online, all the time.  So you can teach what you want, when you want.

  • No Degree Required

    We explain the science behind each lesson in plain English, no degree required.  Science doesn’t have to be intimidating anymore.

  • Multi-age Lessons

    Lessons built to be as flexible as possible for teaching multiple grade levels and multiple years.

fade-leftfade-rightJust $9/month or $99/year!

A Sad Tale of STEAM Without the "Why?"

There are plenty of STEAM lessons and activities on the interwebs (I'm looking at you Pinterest!).  Add liquid A to thingamajig B, put it in doohickey C and VIOLA!  It's amazing!

But what just happened?  What is liquid A?  And why did you even need thingamajig B?  Too often, the "why" is tossed out in favor of a fun (but shallow) experiment.

That's Not Us!

STEAM Outside is not a glorified craft project!  We dive deep into all the why's and how's of  thingamajig B AND doohickey C.  Maybe even some whatchamacallits Z.

Here's a few other reasons that we are not like the rest:

Get out of the house

Getting up and active outside is not just an afterthought.  It is THE plan!  Online learning is Ah-Mazing (I mean we're here, right?) but lets not sit at the computer all day.

You Point the Way

We have a swarm of great ideas for this program.  But we are still just starting out!  That means you get a say in where we are headed and what resources you would like to see in the program.

But Don't Take Our Word for It

See what others are saying about it or take a peek our Hard Life of a Rock unit yourself!

What You'll Find Inside

So what can we find in the STEAM Outside program?  Well, we are just starting out but we will be adding 1 (or more) full units each month + other teaching and education resources.  Check out what's in store!

Complete Units

  • Hard Life of a Rock

Partial Units

  • Bubble Bubble, Tension & Trouble (lesson)
  • Wingalings (flight lesson)
  • Design a Monster (adaptation lesson)
  • Who Stole the Cake? (forensic lesson)
  • H2O Hero (water cycle lesson)
  • Honeybee Training (lesson)

Upcoming Resources

  • Space Balls (astronomy unit)
  • Hand-me-down Genes (genetics unit)
  • What the Stink (chem unit)
  • Practice the Scientific Method
  • How to Design an Experiment
  • Citizen Science
  • Local learning opportunities outside
  • Apps for outdoor learning

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