Homeschool Science and STEAM for the BUSY Parent!

Easy to follow lessons, activities, videos, games and projects designed for parents who feel unqualified to teach science

What is STEAM and what does it have to do with YOUR Homeschool?

Has your child ever said "How am I ever going to use this in real life?"  When a subject is being taught by itself, it is out of context and difficult to see where it fits into daily life.  As a teacher I frequently got these types of questions, especially in science and math.

This is where STEAM comes in handy.  STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  It is an integrated approach to teaching these school subjects.  Instead of teaching science all by itself, the STEAM approach would be to have lessons that use multiple subjects together.

For example:  Geometry may be the most boring subject ever, if taught by itself.  However, a lesson about rockets where the kids build and test rockets and use geometry to measure how high the rockets flew, would be much better.

But wait!  If you were to ALSO include science principles such as physics and then do a scientific experiment where you test different types of rockets, the lesson would truly be EXCITING, MEMORABLE, and the kids would learn problem solving skills as well!

If you want a more complete method of teaching with the added bonus of life skills learned, then STEAM is for you!

Yes, our ready-to-teach lessons check off all the little boxes for science standards.  But they also teach your kids something better: REAL LIFE PROBLEM SOLVING.

In addition to the required science facts and knowledge, kids will learn...

  • Curiosity & Imagination
  • Understanding Problems
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Making Observations & Asking Questions
  • Developing a Hypothesis
  • Designing an Experiment
  • Identifying Assumptions and Biases

Built with busy parents in mind

  • Skills for Real Life

    We don’t want our kids to be little fact regurgitation machines.  We’re preparing them for life!  Our STEAM activities focus on problem solving and shape kids for the future.

  • No Degree Required

    We explain the science behind each lesson in plain English, no degree required.  Science doesn’t have to be intimidating anymore.

  • Multi-age Lessons

    Designed for elementary age (K-5) but as flexible as possible for teaching multiple grade levels and multiple years.

  • Lessons Ready to Go

    Units ready with science lessons, activities, fun facts, book and music recommendations, and resources.  Minimal prep, minimal supplies (because we’re busy right?).

Designed for Kids optimal learning

  • More Time Outside

    Activities specifically designed to get kids out of the house.  Because learning is better outside.

  • Feed the Curiosity

    You can’t just get science out of a book.  You have to see it, feel it, DO IT!  Hands-on lessons get kids brains moving.

  • Integrated Learning

    Applied activities and challenges encourage kids to connect what they have learned with other STEAM subjects and with everyday life.

  • They're Just Fun!

    Boring lessons = Bored kids.  Our engaging lessons mean the kids will be talking about it for days!

Why We Are Different!

Most science programs and lessons are based on scientific knowledge.  They offer some experiments and projects but the emphasis is on facts that kids learn from books or videos.

Our focus is on the life skills such as problem solving, innovative design, and critical thinking.  Sure, there is plenty of scientific knowledge along the way to fulfill all the Next Generation Science Standards, but we want your kids to come out of the program much more prepared for life.

Here's a few other reasons that we are not like the rest:

Get out of the house

Getting up and active outside is not just an afterthought.  It is THE plan!  Online learning is Ah-Mazing (I mean we're here, right?) but lets not sit at the computer all day.

You Point the Way

We have a swarm of great ideas for this program.  But we are still just starting out!  That means as a founding member you get a say in where we are headed and what resources you would like to see in the program.

But Don't Take Our Word for It

Take a peek at our content library and see what others are saying about the program.


Honestly, extremely impressed. I knew you guys would do a great job, but its better than the sites I've paid to use in the past. I can't wait to share it in homeschool groups.

Megan S. - mother of 2

Got on the website today and I just really love it!  I get overwhelmed easily by new things and I don't know much about science, but I feel like you give me what I need when I need it.  Yay!  I really love the coloring pages too - so creative.

Michele V. - mother of 3

What You'll Find Inside

So what can we find in the STEAM Outside program?  1-2 full units each month + other teaching and education resources.

Each Unit Contains

  • A parent guide for adapting the unit to different ages
  • Science videos for the kids (and for you if you need it)
  • STEAM project or activity
  • Hands-on games, activities, and lessons
  • Extras like books, music, videos, and apps to keep learning
  • Tons of puns, corny jokes, and lame movie quotes (did you hear about pluto?)

Outside the Teaching Units

  • Community forum to chat with like-minded parents, ask questions, share photos and videos of your projects.
  • Interactive games and activities.  Just pull them up on your phone and go!
  • A list and spotlights of our favorite outdoor learning apps.
  • Resources for using the scientific method.
  • + more!

And Here's a Look at Our Teaching Calendar

We cover just about everything.  We are always adding more units and more resources too.


Space Balls (planets, stars and other celestial bodies)


Home Sweet Home (ecosystems and habitats)

Fit to survive (what things need to survive)


Hard Life of a Rock (rocks, fossils, and the rock cycle)

Earthmazing! (Earth's -sheres, what they are and how they interact)


Rain, Wind and Seasons Oh My! (weather)

Natural Destroyers (severe weather)


Who stole the cake? (forensic science)


Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny (atoms and molecules)

Its Alive! (what makes stuff alive)


Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (human anatomy for kids)

Hand Me Down Genes (genetics)


Earth Doctor (environmental impact)

Earth explorers (mapping, geography)


Plants of Our Lives (plant growth and reproduction)

Animal Communication (how animals exchange information)


Playground Physics (conservation and transfer of energy)

Making Waves (what waves are made of and how they behave)


Superfly (the physics of flight)


Bubble Bubble (surface tension and water forces)

H2O the Ultimate Superhero (the properties of Water)

We Know You Have Some Questions...

  • Q.I don't like/know science and I don't feel confident teaching it! How can STEAM Outside help me?

    A.Science can be tough!  Especially when it is unfamiliar.  We know that and we want it to be as easy as possible for you to teach so for each science lesson we explain the science for you.  Still don’t quite understand what is going on?  Well, we are just a message away!

  • Q.Does STEAM Outside cover everything for science, tech, engineering, art and math?

    A.This is not a full curriculum for all the STEAM subjects.  It should cover all the science you need for elementary ages.  We will also do plenty of everything else with integrated, hands-on activities.  But we will not be everything you need for math and art especially.

  • Q.I'm extra busy! How much time will I need to put into this program?

    A.We’ve got 5 kids and a business so we completely understand busy!  The lessons and activities are all ready to go in one place AND we have already researched all the science for you.  Plus, if you have more “how does it work” questions, you can just write a comment on the activity page and we’ll get right back to you.

    Since this is hands-on, active with many outdoor lessons, it will take more of your time than if you just sit your kids down at the computer for lessons.  But we think you will see that it is time well spent!

  • Q.Is STEAM Outside a religious or secular?

    A.This is an interesting question.  We think science and religion exist just fine together.  Our recommendation is always to teach the scientific principles that are generally accepted and weave that into a discussion about your own opinions and beliefs.  Homeschool has that benefit right?

    Whether you agree with them or not, controversial science topics like evolution and global warming are generally accepted and we believe all kids should have a working knowledge of these science topics.  Therefore, you will find such topics here in our program.  How you teach them is your own choice.

  • Q.I have a houseful over here! Does STEAM Outside work for mixed age groups?

    A.They sure do!  We’ve tried them with our own elementary aged kiddos and local homeschool groups.  We also have some separate worksheets or highlight alternatives for K-2 or 3-5 depending on the activity.

  • Q.Why would I choose a membership over books I could just purchase once?

    A.The main benefits here are access and extras.  You have access to us any time for questions or requests for lessons on a specific subject.  Can’t usually get that from a printed book!  Plus, we add new content regularly and have some really amazing trainings and extras.


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