survival abc

Survival ABCs – Activities

What does it take to survive out there in the wild?  I mean, we have our houses to protect us and we can just go buy food at the store.  Let’s do our own exploration of what it takes to make it out there!

Explore all of these survival adaptations to see which you like best.  You can mix and match and do all the activities or the ones you have supplies for on hand.

Time to Complete

30+ minutes




Adaptation, generalist, specialist, opposable

Science Standards

NGSS 3-LS4-2

Opposing Views

These activities deal somewhat with natural selection, which is a process of evolution

People disagree on evolution and probably always will.  Whatever your views on the subject, it is a generally accepted scientific theory and is taught in most schools.  We believe that all kids should have a working knowledge of such issues.  How can you agree or disagree if you don’t know about it?

Lessons like this at home are the perfect time to talk with your kids about your own opinions and beliefs about evolution, creationism, etc.

opposing views

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