Water Painting

Water Painting

The younger kids love this one!  You just need paintbrushes + water and voila! they are happy little campers. You ...
its natural hair art kid activity

It’s Natural! – Natural Materials Hair Art

Uh oh!  Bad hair day?  How about NO hair day? All of these people are suffering from a seriously embarrassing ...
autumn leaves coloring pages

Autumn Leaves Coloring & Tracing Pages

Autumn!  Don't you just love those brilliant leaf colors?  I sure do! So we've put together a page of common ...
coloring pages

Make Science Fun Coloring Pages

Too many kids think science is pretty *bleh* but it doesn't have to be!  Some of my favorite memes are ...
make it with rocks

Make it with Rocks! – Challenge

Knowing all about rocks and their different properties is interesting but how does that help me every day?  Is the ...
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